The construction process for a steel building

August 4th, 2016
construction process frame

As time moves on, more people in UK are embracing steel buildings. There are many reasons why people have become more interested in steel structures. It is a fact to state that steel structures are very durable, easy to construct and also that the construction process will take less time and less money as compared to other convectional buildings. Steel buildings can be constructed in various sizes depending on the needs of the client. Although steel building construction is an easy process, it requires a high degree of accuracy and therefore highly trained engineers, economists and architects are required.

Steel buildings are supported by a steel frame. The frame comprises of many small steel boxes that together forms a large steel box. The steel frame will support the load both horizontally and vertically by distributing the weight accordingly. Due to the strong support system, a small ground space can be able to support a very tall and stable building. The construction process for a steel building entails;
Steps followed when constructing a steel building

For a small steel building, you can actually construct it by yourself without having to employ the services of professionals. All you are required to have is a steel building kit. The building kits are easily available online. The steel panels will be forged according to your measurements and specifications. In the case of large steel buildings, you must hire a professional to do the construction work. You will notice that most companies in UK that offer steel building kits will also offer steel building construction professionals.

There are different approaches that can be used by steel building contractors. However, most of them will begin the structure by laying down a stable foundation made of concrete. If you have the skills, you can lay the concrete foundation yourself and leave the steel work to pros. This will save you a lot of money.

After laying down the concrete foundation, the next step framing. Some steel contractors will use metal alone during framing while other will use metal and lumber. The steel frame should be anchored properly on the concrete foundation to ensure stability of the building. Steel is a very strong metal and therefore a steel structure ensures that the building is very strong.

After framing has been completed, the next step is roofing. Just like the traditional houses, general steel buildings can have sloping roofs or pitched roofs. The columns and rafters in steel buildings are very heavy and special lifting equipment is required especially when you are lifting them to higher floors. Considering the fact that most of these steel buildings will be constructed on busy streets, a person with great experience in handling heavy metals will be needed to prevent the possible accidents.

After erecting the rafter and ensuring that they are properly secured in place, your steel structure will be almost complete. At this point, it is important to fasten the wall panels as well as the roofing. These panels are available in different thickness and colours and therefore you have an opportunity to choose a panel that meets your needs in terms of beauty and the amount of light it allows into the building.