7 Steel Building Solutions

April 24th, 2017
7 steel building solutions

We’ve compromised a list of 7 steel building solutions to help you understand the effectiveness of this structure type, they date back to the late 1700’s they have evolved over the last 200 years. Centuries ago they were just buildings supported by many tons of solid steel, today they can be anything from skyscrapers supported by strong, lightweight and stainless steal or just a small building supported by steel. Because these buildings are supported by steel they are very strong and they usually can brave many storms and earthquake. Because steel has a very high melting point steel buildings are resistant to fire. Below is a list of 7 steel building solutions / reasons can benefit you for your next construction project.

These are the 7 steel building solutions

  1. Steel buildings can be easily built because they can be constructed by connecting steel beams for the support and the construction is efficient and not labour intensive unlike other buildings like brick and concrete buildings which make these perfect for quick to erect storage solutions.
  2. They are very strong and can support a lot of weight  so they are ideal in heavy industrial estates. They can usually support many tons of weight. Steel buildings can handle a lot of stress because the steel used for the structures are flexible to ensure the steel beams will not break under the pressure. A lot of industrial companies prefer steel industrial buildings due to the modular design and strength to supporting machinery.
  3. They can survive fires. This one is can ensure you that even when the building is on fire, the main structure that supports the building will be stable and strong throughout the fire. This lowers repair cost in the rebuilding process and also ensures the safety of the building occupants in case they cannot exit the building.
  4. Lasting structure. Steel buildings can last for many decades and some are known to survive for centuries. They need very little repair and maintenance because today most of the steel used in steel buildings are rust proof and coated in rust proof paint to ensure the main structure of the building will need very little maintenance and can significantly lower maintenance costs. We maintain that these types of buildings are just right for agricultural uses or buildings intended near the coast due to the change of weather, dampness and wind speeds.
  5. Resistant to mother nature Steel buildings can survive the worst storms including hurricanes,tornadoes and many other storms. They can even survive earthquakes. These steel buildings can support the structure throughout the worst storms mother nature can throw at us.
  6. No need for repairs Steel buildings need very little repair and maintenance. This saves a lot of money every year. They are flexible and they don’t even crack under the heaviest structures they are supporting and they can withstand anything because they are very durable.
  7. They are low in cost in general because steel buildings do not need a lot of repair and maintenance of which saves money and lowers the cost overall. The construction process is very efficient and does not require a lot of labour-intensive work so that saves a lot of money on hiring construction workers. And because the fact that they can go through nature’s worst disasters and can survive huge fires without needing maintenance or repair,this saves a fortune in places that have storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes passing through every year. This saves money every year so that you can use that money to upgrade and renovate your building instead of using them to repair the building

In conclusion, steel buildings are very strong and durable and they need very little maintenance. All of these savings add up to a lot of money that you can spend on other things. Consider using our steel building online quotation tool to see how much your next project could be.