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Steel framed buildings

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Steel Framed Buildings are used for most industrial construction projects. Steel Frames are also becoming popular in housing projects. Steel Framed Buildings offer a wide variety of options for build projects, and the nature of steel makes them long lasting, flexible and quite often maintenance free.

At Steel Buildings we choose Cold Rolled Steel Sections to use, as the main components in our Steel
Framed buildings.

Our Steel Framed Building solution can generally produce a building frame that will clear span up to 20 meters wide, 6 meters to eaves and multi bays to create the required length. Other design options are available if these standard sizes are not suitable.

Our Steel Frame component manufacture is generally all done by CNC driven automated manufacturing processes. Allowing fast, efficient manufacture. Steel Buildings can design, detail, manufacture and deliver a steel Frame in 2 to 4 weeks.

Contact a member of our sales team, who will happily discuss your needs and offer advice on the best Steel option available.

The kind of applications our building can be used for

The Steel Building Cold Rolled frame has a wide verity of uses, we have listed a few below:

  • Storage Buildings
  • Production Facilities
  • Factories
  • Agricultural Storage buildings, not for housing livestock
  • Bio mass boiler / store buildings
  • Steel workshops
  • Insulated storage buildings
  • Classic Car Storage buildings
  • Light Aircraft Hangers
  • Valet Buildings
  • Open fronted Shelters
  • Steel framed Building extensions
  • General usage Steel Buildings
  • Plant rooms

Why Cold rolled buildings are a great solution

Cold Rolled Steel Framed buildings, are becoming increasingly popular and excepted as a viable solution for the Steel Framed Building Supply. Mainly because of the automated process and speed of manufacture. Also the high yield strength of cold Rolled material. Compared to Mild Hot rolled Steel. This means the Cold Rolled materials has a great strength to weigh ratio. So the Cold Rolled Frame is less weight to produce the same building frame size, as the hot rolled alternative. Steel is generally priced by the tonne. The hot rolled frame solution manufacturing process, is generally very labour intensive, compared to Cold Rolled Frames. Therefore making the cold Rolled Frame more competitive.

The last 15 years has also seen leaps in the roll forming capability, to produce the cold rolled frame sections. The roller formers, now have more flexibility for sizes and hole patterns. Also the speed of manufacture. The newer roller formers for these type of sections, can run and 60 meter a minute. This allows us to more flexible in the sizes we can offer and speed of manufacture.

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