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Steel building prices

Steel building prices

At Steel Buildings were asked for prices per square meter, we wish it was that easy. There are prices per square meter that some use. However it is dangerous to rely on these figures for a meaningful budget quotation.

There are a number of elements to the building speciation, that impact the end Steel Building Price. The location of the site will impact the frame design. Steel Building designs are completed based on British Standard BS5950 and BS6399, which are industrial standards. Within those standards the site wind speeds, altitude, surrounding site area and location relative to the coast. All impact the Steel Frame design. The Steel design, will form a major part of the Steel Building Price build up.

Steel Buildings offer a wide variety of cladding alternatives for our buildings. The standard options are. Metal box profile cladding, which is a non-insulated cladding. This option is fine if the Steel Building is to keep materials dry and secure. However if people are going to be working in the building or the materials being stored, need a temperature controlled environment. Then an insulated cladding option should be considered. Steel Buildings insulated cladding options have an external metal box profile outer face, with a steel white liner as the internal sheet. The outer and inner metal sheets, house an insulated material. The depth of the insulated material, changes the thermal performance of the insulated panel. The insulation depth options are 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 115mm and 120mm. Like the location has on the Steel Frame price, the external cladding envelope required, also has an impact on the Steel Building Price.

Steel Buildings can also supply and install a range of access doors. Steel Buildings offer a range of Steel Secure doors, for single openings as well as double openings. The personnel access doors are available in a number of standard sizes.

Steel Buildings provide Industrial Roller doors, the Roller doors can be manufactured to suit specific openings in the steelwork. The Roller doors can be supplied as non-insulated lath doors or Insulated doors. As a standard the Roller Doors are supplied with a galvanised finish or a number of colours are available, by adding a plastisol coating to the outer face of the roller door.

Our supply partners

We have spent many years, developing relationships with our supply chain partners. Communicating and changing as required to continually improve the end client experience.

We are not tied into one supplier. We continually review our supply chain partners, to ensure we get the best prices and practises, for the service and products being provided. Cheap is very rarely the best, we always look for the best product and service with the best value for money.

All our supply chain partners products and manufacturing processes are CE marked.

To maintain a high service level and provide our customers with a remarkable turnaround from enquiry to quotations. We have developed a dynamic in house computerised price package. So client specification changes, can be accommodated quickly and efficiently.

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