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Portal Framed Buildings

portal framed buildings angled view of inner frame

Portal framed buildings are normally low structures, often used for buildings that are one to three levels. They comprise of columns and pitched rafters. The columns and rafters can vary in size, depending on the clear span required and other loading conditions, both externally and internally.

The construction of a portal framed building, provides great design savings. Because of the rigid joints.  Transferring loads through the frame.

Portal framed buildings are very common, we believe 50 % of steel construction in the UK are Portal Framed Buildings. They are a great economical solution for enclosing large areas, Buildings for industrial and agricultural uses, retail and many more commercial applications.

Advancements in portal framed buildings

At Steel Buildings our portal framed buildings are designed using Cold Rolled Steel Sections. We use cold Rolled Steel section, rather than hot rolled section.  Because of material advancements, providing high yeild’s, which result in the Cold Rolled sections.  Having great strength to weight ratios.

inside view of sky lights in a framed building

The saving in design weights, can have a significant impact on the overall cost of the portal frame build.

Portal frames can be clad with all sorts of material but the most popular solution, for reasons of economy and speed, is insulated or non insulted box profile metal cladding systems.

Below are some of the considerations when designing a portal framed buildings:

  • Clear Span
  • Height to eaves and ridge
  • Bay size
  • Cladding type
  • Location of portal frame, to consider wind speeds, snow loads etc.
  • Internal services to be supported by frame

If you’re interested in our portal framed building solutions or have questions that may be unanswered still, please feel free to drop us a message or give the team a call. We can aid with the initial build and location to get the most of your new building.

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