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Frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered from the list below, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here or calling us on: 0800 690 6053.

Do I need Planning permission?

This would depend on the size of building, it’s use, and location / size of site.  In the main, anything bigger than a garage will normally require planning.  If you speak with your local planning office, they will guide you.  Or feel free to contact Steel Buildings.

What sort of cladding do I need?

At Steel Buildings, we supply colour coated box profile metal cladding as standard options.  These are either insulated composite panels or none insulated single skin metal cladding sheets. Non Insulated being the cheaper option.

If the building is being used for storage, and room temperature isn’t an issue.  Select a single skin non insulated cladding system.

However please be mindful that if the building is to be closed up for long period, you will see condensation build up.  The building will need to be ventilated.  Even if ventilated, in those times of year, where the temperatures are low first thing, but warm up quickly.  Even ventilated buildings will get condensation.

You can combat this with an anti condensation lining, factory fitted to the underside of the roof sheets.  This doesn’t stop condensation, however it will help prevent the dripping of the condensation.  The anti condensation lining, does not get fitted to the GRP  roof light.  If condensation dripping will be a problem and you particularly want non insulated cladding sheets to save cost.  We recommend that GRP roof lights aren’t fitted.

If you required a temperature controlled environment without condensation.  Choose an insulated composite panel. The composite panels start with a core thickness of 40mm.  Then increase in core thicknesses of 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 115mm.  If the building doesn’t need to meet part L, and will not have people in the building all of the time.  And it’s heated using a temp heat source (free standing heater).  Go with the 40mm core.  The thicker the core, the better the performance.

If your Steel Building, needs to meet Part L.  Normally the roof panels will need to be 115mm core, and 100mm or 80mm core wall panels would be required.  Let us know what U values you need to achieve, and well confirm the composite panel needed.

We can provide, insulated architectural flat panels.  Or over cladding in timer.  Speak to a member of the sales team.

What Cladding and door Colours are available as standard?

The below list isn’t a final list.  Other colours are available, however they could be at an additional cost, lead time or minimum quantity.

  • Grey White RAL9002
  • Merlin Grey RAL1804005
  • Goosewing Grey RAL0807005
  • Anthracite RAL7016
  • Khaki Green RAL1006020
  • Olive Green RAL1003020
  • Juniper Green RAL1602010
  • Vandyke Brown RAL8014
  • Azure Blue RAL2203025
  • Mushroom RAL0807010

How Long will the Building take to manufacture?

At Steel Buildings, every frame components is specially detailed to bolt together on site.  Rather than cutting and fixing with screws. The design detailing and manufacture can take between 2-4 working weeks.

If installation services are required, this time can vary depending on size, access and complexity.

What door options are available?

At steel buildings we offer a standard range of doors, or can provide structural openings for doors to be provided or installed by others.

The standard range of personnel access doors, are 10 point locking steel doors, that are factory paint with a range of colours to match the cladding or flashings. Personnel access doors can be fitted with fire escape furniture, if required.  However they aren’t as secure as the 10 point locking doors. The 10 point locking doors Steel buildings provide, have internal thumb locks.  We understand this thumb lock internal override, is a suitable means of panic escape, as long as no more than 60 people are in the building at the same time.  We recommend, this is checked with your building control officer.

Steel buildings as standard provide Industrial roller doors, not to be confused with the pressed steel curtain doors available.  The doors we provide are for industrial purposes.  They are available as non-insulated steel lath doors or Insulated Steel Doors.  Galv finish as standard, or powered coated in a range of colours to match the buildings cladding or flashing colours.

The Roller shutter doors are available as manual operation, with options for fitting robust industrial single phase or 3phase motors.

What design standard can I expect from the building?

At Steel Buildings, we design our building frame to BS5950 part 5.  Which is an industrial standard, most building used for Industrial purposes need to be designed to this standard or the equivalent Eurocode.  By doing this, whether your building requires this level of design or not.  Means Steel Buildings are always working to high design standards.

Some may not design to any particular standard, or BS5502.  Which is basically an agricultural standard.

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