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Frequently asked questions

If your question is not answered from the list below, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here or calling us on: 0800 690 6053.

Do I need Planning permission?

This would depend on the size of building, it’s use, and location / size of site.  In the main, anything bigger than a garage will normally require planning.  If you speak with your local planning office, they will guide you.  Or feel free to contact Steel Buildings.

What sort of cladding do I need?

At Steel Buildings, we supply colour coated box profile metal cladding as standard options.  These are either insulated composite panels or none insulated single skin metal cladding sheets. Non Insulated being the cheaper option.

If the building is being used for storage, and room temperature isn’t an issue.  Select a single skin non insulated cladding system.

However please be mindful that if the building is to be closed up for long period, you will see condensation build up.  The building will need to be ventilated.  Even if ventilated, in those times of year, where the temperatures are low first thing, but warm up quickly.  Even ventilated buildings will get condensation.

You can combat this with an anti condensation lining, factory fitted to the underside of the roof sheets.  This doesn’t stop condensation, however it will help prevent the dripping of the condensation.  The anti condensation lining, does not get fitted to the GRP  roof light.  If condensation dripping will be a problem and you particularly want non insulated cladding sheets to save cost.  We recommend that GRP roof lights aren’t fitted.

If you required a temperature controlled environment without condensation.  Choose an insulated composite panel. The composite panels start with a core thickness of 40mm.  Then increase in core thicknesses of 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 115mm.  If the building doesn’t need to meet part L, and will not have people in the building all of the time.  And it’s heated using a temp heat source (free standing heater).  Go with the 40mm core.  The thicker the core, the better the performance.

If your Steel Building, needs to meet Part L.  Normally the roof panels will need to be 115mm core, and 100mm or 80mm core wall panels would be required.  Let us know what U values you need to achieve, and well confirm the composite panel needed.

We can provide, insulated architectural flat panels.  Or over cladding in timer.  Speak to a member of the sales team.

What Cladding and door Colours are available as standard?

The below list isn’t a final list.  Other colours are available, however they could be at an additional cost, lead time or minimum quantity.

  • Grey White RAL9002
  • Merlin Grey RAL1804005
  • Goosewing Grey RAL0807005
  • Anthracite RAL7016
  • Khaki Green RAL1006020
  • Olive Green RAL1003020
  • Juniper Green RAL1602010
  • Vandyke Brown RAL8014
  • Azure Blue RAL2203025
  • Mushroom RAL0807010

How Long will the Building take to manufacture?

At Steel Buildings, every frame components is specially detailed to bolt together on site.  Rather than cutting and fixing with screws. The design detailing and manufacture can take between 2-4 working weeks.

If installation services are required, this time can vary depending on size, access and complexity.

What door options are available?

At steel buildings we offer a standard range of doors, or can provide structural openings for doors to be provided or installed by others.

The standard range of personnel access doors, are 10 point locking steel doors, that are factory paint with a range of colours to match the cladding or flashings. Personnel access doors can be fitted with fire escape furniture, if required.  However they aren’t as secure as the 10 point locking doors. The 10 point locking doors Steel buildings provide, have internal thumb locks.  We understand this thumb lock internal override, is a suitable means of panic escape, as long as no more than 60 people are in the building at the same time.  We recommend, this is checked with your building control officer.

Steel buildings as standard provide Industrial roller doors, not to be confused with the pressed steel curtain doors available.  The doors we provide are for industrial purposes.  They are available as non-insulated steel lath doors or Insulated Steel Doors.  Galv finish as standard, or powered coated in a range of colours to match the buildings cladding or flashing colours.

The Roller shutter doors are available as manual operation, with options for fitting robust industrial single phase or 3phase motors.

What design standard can I expect from the building?

At Steel Buildings, we design our building frame to BS5950 part 5.  Which is an industrial standard, most building used for Industrial purposes need to be designed to this standard or the equivalent Eurocode.  By doing this, whether your building requires this level of design or not.  Means Steel Buildings are always working to high design standards.

Some may not design to any particular standard, or BS5502.  Which is basically an agricultural standard.

Your Quotation Explained

The width and length sizes

The width and length sizes quoted are overall sizes including cladding. The cladding depth will depend on the cladding type selected. The cladding is fixed to Zed profile steel cladding supports, are connected to the main portal frame sections. The sizes will vary depending on design criteria.

The Height to eaves,

Our height to eaves is taken from the slab, to the top of the eaves beams. The eaves beam is behind the gutter. What we would refer to as the apex, ridge or high eaves on a mono pitch building. Is the highest point of the building.

The dado wall allowance.

This is used if the client wants the side wall elevations to have a part block/brick wall external construction. If this is a requirement, the dimension entered for the dado wall, is the specified wall
height and we will have based the wall cladding quantity on this block/brickwall height. Omega do not supply materials for the Block / brick wall construction. This would be by others.

The number of bays.

A bay is the area between 2 portal frame columns. For example if you had a building, 22.5 mtrs long. With 2 end gable frames and 4 internal portal frames. You would have 5 no bays @ circa 4.5 mtrs. In the same length scenario, if you wanted the bays to be circa 6 mtrs wide. You would still have 2 end gable frames, but now 3 internal portal frames. Creating 4 bays, rather than 5.


We have 2 options. A ridge building, which is a building with a slope each side of the ridge line. Or a mono pitch building, which has a single slope with a high eaves and low eaves. On a mono pitch building, the above height to eaves description on quotation. Would be the low eaves.

Roof Pitch.

This is the angle the roof increases from the eaves. Our standard is 12 degrees on a ridge building and 6 degrees on a mono pitch building. We can also offer 15, 22 and 30 degree pitches. In addition to the 6 and 12 degrees mentioned.

Odd sizes bays.

Sometime the building will require varying bay sizes. To accommodate a certain door configuration. If the quotation states No odd size bays, we have quoted for equal bay sizes.

Fire Boundaries

If you have a fire boundary requirement. The Insulated composite panel mentioned below, will need to be used on those elevations. These composite panels have a fire rating. In addition, we will supply fire Boundary base cleats. To keep the column upright, in the event of a fire. To maintain the
fire wall. The columns on the fire boundary will need protection, this is normally done by boxing in the columns with fire boards. Please notify us, if you have a fire boundary requirement.

Steel Building Cladding Options

Cladding Options

We offer two types of non-insulated box profile cladding systems. Those types are Polyester Coated and Plastisol coated. Both are produced from the same steel coil. The Polyester finish is a paint like finish, and available in limited colours. This finish is typically used on Agricultural buildings or
buildings that are budget driven. The polyester coating is thinner than other alternatives, making it likely to scratch.

The second non insulated type has a plastisol leathergrain finish. This is a more commonly used on industrial buildings. The leathergrain coating 200 microns rather than 30 micron on the polyester finish. Therefore doesn’t show marks the same way the polyester might.

With non-insulated cladding, we can also apply a Non Condensation drip lining. This is applied to the underside of the metal roof sheet. Non insulated buildings can be prone to condensation at certain times of the year, if not regularly ventilated. The lining does not stop condensation, it holds the condensation to prevent it dripping. If the building doors aren’t opened for long periods, to allow ventilation. The Non con drip lining will saturate and could begin to drip.

For those that require an insulated cladding system, we offer a composite box profile panel system.With a leathergrain plastisol finish on the external top sheet, and a bright white metal polyester paint finish on the internal face. The external and internal sheets sandwich a PIR insulation. That is
available in depths of 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 115mm. If you are just looking for an insulated building, to only be used for a limited time each day. The 40mm depth panel is ideal, if you plan on having people working in the building for long periods. The normal go to depth, is 115mm
for the roof sheets and 80mm for the wall sheets. This will generally meet the Part L requirement for the external skin. If the building is to have a permanent heat source.

We do have a budget insulated panel, that is called the ECO panel. It has the same top sheet as above composite panel, and does have PIR insulation of 30mm core or 40mm core. The internal liner, is a white film. Rather than steel, it is a similar finish to the film you would see on a Celotex board. Please note: the film liner will need carefully handling, it is easily damaged. This panel is not fire rated, like the above composite panel.


With each of the our cladding systems, you can have roof lights. The roof lights are produced as the same profile as the roof sheet. Each roof light will let daylight through. We normally quote 1 per bay per slope or 2 per bay per slope. Which roughly equates to 10% of roof area or 20%. From our
experience and client feedback. 1 per slope per bay is normally sufficient.

Rain water system

We offer 2 types of rain water systems with our buildings. One is what we refer to as Trimline Guttering. Which is produced using the same material as the building flashings. Meaning it can be colour coded to match the cladding colours on the building.

Alternatively, for budget buildings. We can supply PVC guttering, in Black, Grey or Brown.

Colour options for cladding and trim flashings

We are able to supply from the below list, various colour combinations. For example, you could
have an Anthracite Coloured Roof, Goosewing Grey walls with Merlin Grey trim flashings.

Non-Insulated Polyester cladding and trim flashings are available in Goosewing Grey and Juniper Green

Non-Insulated Plastisol cladding and Trim flashings are available in White, Black, Merlin Grey, Goosewing Grey, Olive Green, Juniper Green, Moreland Green, Ocean Blue, Albatross, Anthracite and Vandyke Brown

Composite panels and trim flashings are available in White, Black, Merlin Grey, Goosewing Grey, Olive Green, Juniper Green, Willow Green, Azure Blue, Grey white, Gull Grey, Anthracite, Mushroom, Wedgewood Blue, Poppy Red, Khaki Green and Vandyke Brown

Eco Composite panels and trim flashings are available in Goosewing Grey and Juniper Green.

Doors and openings for your steel building

Doors and openings

We are able to detail steelwork and flashings to form structural openings for Roller doors, Personnel access doors and Windows. If you require the Roller Doors and Personal access doors, we can supply this as part of our package. The windows, we recommend are sourced locally. To avoid issues with transportation.

The standard Personnel doors we offer are Steel Security doors, with multi point locking. Anti- Jemmy hinge bolts, and an anti-jemmy lip around door frame. Including heavy duty lift off hinges.

Doors can be inward or outward opening, hinged on right or left. We can provide single or double Personnel access doors. Our doors will also include for Powder coating, therefore can also be colour coded to the cladding and trim colours chosen. The size stated on quotation for PA doors is the
overall frame of personnel access door. If you need a minimum clear opening, please let us know.
The non-Insulated Industrial roller doors we offer are, Industrial Class 5 doors. The curtain is 22 swg (0.7mm) 75mm scrolled laths. The laths are manufactured from pre galvanised coil DX51. The insulated Industrial roller doors we offer are, Industrial Class 5 Doors. The curtain is a foam filled AD95 twin skin lath. The internal and external laths, surrounding the foam. Are produced from pre galvanised coil DX51.

All roller doors are supplied with 100mm Top Brushes and Bottom rubber seals The standard finish of our Industrial roller doors, is Galvanised. However there is a cost option to use plastisol coated laths or powder coat laths. If you required or needed a colour finish. The roller doors are available as manual or powered operation.

The powered options are single tube motors. The tube motor is the most popular and economical option. The tube motors are designed doors that will be operated 7-8 times per day. If the doors is going to be used more often, an external motor will be required. The external motors are available in both single and three phase options.

Options for installing your steel building

Omega have a wide variety of customers. From large blue chip companies, professional construction companies, to the NHS and the customer who needs a workshop at home. Each client will need a different type of service, when it comes to installation.

We have a large proportion of customers that want to save money and construct the buildings themselves. Or have a contractor in mind to complete the build. Those past customers are very complementary about the Omega system. We have invested a lot of time and money over the years, and continue to do so. Ensuring our system is simple, but robust and effective. We firmly believe we have the best cold rolled frame construction, for those self- build customers.

Because of the weight of our individual components, they are easy to handle. All frame components are fully bolt together and are individually marked with meaningful mark numbers. Supported by comprehensive drawings and installation guides. Our internal team, also provide an excellent telephone support backup. Most questions, after a receiving a photo of the item causing an issue. Are quickly resolved.

The rigid bolt together bracing system, allows a stable frame during construction and also helps keep the building frame square and plumb.
We also have a number of Installers that have past experience, installing Omega Steel Building systems. We can provide you will a list of these installers. If you are happy to contract these installers and manage the installation process directly. It can be a competitive option.

Omega can also handle the installation process. It does tend to be the most expensive installation option. We following the HSE recommendations. The HSE have regulations for working at height, lifting and manual handling. All off ground work being completed from powered platforms. Any lifting is completed by a telescopic handler and lifting hook attachment. The roof area will be fully netted and have edge protection including a fixed access tower. This will be completed by a Faset approved contractor. The members of the installation team completing the frame and cladding will have the relevant tickets to operate plant and also be experienced and competent to carry out the operations required. If you use Omega for the installation, you can be confident the CDM (Construction Design Management) regulations are met for our element of works.

Who are you dealing with

Omega are a successful Business, having been trading for many years. We have a fantastic team and reputation with our customers, and supply chain partners. We work hard to ensure all involved in the process have a great experience. This includes the customer, our Omega team, supply chain partners and Installers.

It is important that you review who you are dealing with. To ensure that they are going to be there to complete the project and be available in the future should you need to call on them.

We are happy to provide you with recent references, we also encourage you to conduct a financial review of Omega Steel Building Solutions Ltd. Our Company registration number is 7191670

Our Commitments

To continually develop our products and services. Maintaining our market leading position.

To continually make decisions that best suit the client.

To continually work with our internal team, supply chain partners and clients. To ensure fluid, effective processes. From initial contact, through design, detailing, manufacture and installation.

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