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Aircraft Hangars

Inside aircraft hangar

Our steel structures are perfect for light aircraft hangars, we can provide a 3 roller door access solution at a reasonable cost. As an alternative to the more costly, bi folding or swing doors.

With our team of dedicated professionals we can design and build your aircraft hangar to required specification. Our buildings come in a range of colours to suit your environment and are manufactured using quality pre galvanised steel that is both durable and pleasing to the eye

Most of our clients who need aircraft hangar are for light aircraft owners or similar so we know from previous projects what’s required and we can even help you prepare for certain issues that may arise in the future.

Due to steel Buildings method of construction and design of materials, light aircraft hangars can be manufactured and erected quickly.

aircraft hangar side viewThe steel buildings aircraft hangar solutions positions itself nicely between the poly tunnel type hangar and the larger hot rolled fabricated hangar.  The steel Buildings solution will be constructed and clad to deal with the normal exposed conditions of an airfield. But will be more competitive compared to the Hot Rolled fabricated option, and although more expensive compared to the poly tunnel option, it will provide you with continued service.  Long after the poly tunnel would need replacing.

The cold rolled steel building kit, provide perfect solutions for buildings on site locations that aren’t easily reached by heavy duty vehicles, our components can be carried with as little as two men. This makes our solutions better than others, as we can build hangars in areas where others can’t.

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