Outdoor Garden Rooms

  • 40-year external coating warranty
  • No discolouration, rotting or warping
  • Robust galvanised steel frames
  • Various colour options or combinations
  • No ongoing oiling, staining or paintin

Various foundation solutions available

An all year round building that looks
after itself, so you don’t have to.
Factory assembled galvanised Steel floor cassettes.

Steel floor cassettes fitted with galvanised steel floor trays ready for insulation.

Factory assembled galvanised steel wall cassettes.

High performance insulated composite roof panels.

Insulated architectural composite wall panels.

Galvanised steel frame, ready for wiring, services and plaster board.

Trim flashings added ready for windows, doors.

Whatever colour Omega room you choose, will be the colour it stays!

Contact your local outdoor garden room distributor
  • 01562 544210
  • sales@steelbuildings.co.uk
  • www.steelbuildings.co.uk

Make an Omega outdoor room your next value for money, long lasting, life style purchase, that will add value to your home!