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Cold rolled steel buildings advantages

cold rolled steel buildings

Cold Rolled Steel Buildings are now established as a viable, effective and suitable materials to use, in the construction of Steel Framed Buildings.

Cold Rolled Buildings have a number of advantages:

Lead Time

With the advancement of roll forming capability in the UK. A larger range of sections and manufacturing flexibility is available. The Cold Rolled Sections are produced on automated roll formers, meaning materials can be manufactured in 5-7 working days. The Cold Rolled Solution, does not rely on labour intensive processes of manufacture. Like other methods of Steel Frame manufacture.

cold rolled steel frame kitTransportation

Cold Rolled Steel Building sections can be nested together, reducing the area require on a vehicle. Thus reducing the number of vehicles required. Steel Buildings collate all elements of our Cold Rolled Steel Building, at our centrally located facility in Worcestershire. This means, very often only one delivery is required to site with the complete building.

Other alternatives will generally have separate deliveries for the Main Fabricated Frame, Secondary Steel Works, Bolts, Cladding, cladding fixing and doors.

End Finish

Cold Rolled Steel Buildings are manufactured from pre Galvanised steel coil. This means all components of a Cold Rolled frame have a galvanised finish. Therefore no need for additional coating or painting.


Due to the high yield strength of cold Rolled material, we can design a light weight sections to meet the building criteria. In comparison to a hot rolled alternative. Both solutions are designed to meet the British Standard BS5950 to will create the same end product. The cold

Rolled components will be lighter, often reducing the need for the same level of mechanical handling equipment, that you would with a hot rolled alternative. Most Cold Rolled components, even on larger buildings. Could be carried comfortably by two fit and capable persons.

steel frame


Although the Cold Rolled Steel Building, will require foundations similar to those of a hot Rolled Steel Framed Building. The actual foundation loads applied with a Cold Rolled Building, are less. Meaning smaller foundations, saving cost.

At Steel Buildings, we have developed a fully bolt together well thought out and designed Steel Frame using Cold Rolled materials. It’s a design that we have continually developed and will carry on developing. To bring costs down, raise quality and improve ease of installation.

Steel Buildings have automated the design, quotation and detailing process. Offering our customers a fast, efficient, accurate and professional service. From enquiry to completion.

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