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CE Marking Statement

Omega (T/A Steel Buildings) have developed an in house automated quotation, design and detailing software. Our value added is the design, detailing and collation of building kits at our central facility in Worcestershire.

The volume that we now order, means we can secure the best prices and service from our supply chain partner. We are also able to take advantage of offers or new products quickly. We are not tided into one supply source.

We have conducted a number of capital expenditure reviews, based on the investment required, to bring elements of manufacture in house. Each time this review takes place, it is generally always more viable to continue dealing with our supply chain partners. Therefore although we have internal systems in place, to reach the requirements of CE marking. It is not actually a requirement for Steel Buildings. However we do have a legal obligation to ensure any product entering the construction market place, via Omega is CE marked.

We can confirm all products supplied by Omega are CE marked and that Omega Steel Buildings are CE compliant.

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